Marketing Philosophy


The basic premise of the Leading Edge Real Estate marketing plan is that you don’t “sell” property to buyers; you “expose” buyers to a property. Through our extensive past and present client database, networking, multi-faceted advertising campaigns and old-fashioned hard work, your property will have tremendous marketing exposure to the local, national, and international pool of potential buyers. That is what it takes in today’s market to get a property sold or leased.

Our marketing team knows the precise activities and publications that reap the greatest success for each property. A key component of a marketing plan for any property includes a balanced, diverse exposure campaign that includes the following segments:


Decades of experience in the Real Estate, Aviation, and Ranch industries has helped us to form lasting relationships with hundreds of past and present clients and friends who all qualify as a large network of potential buyers and sellers.


There are thousands of brokers and agents in the Phoenix Metro area with clients looking for all different types of properties. Our marketing plan includes getting property information in front of these brokers and agents both locally, nationally, and internationally on a broad and targeted basis.


Year by year more property buyers and lessees are using the internet to narrow down and target their search. Using the internet as a medium to get properties in front of potential end users can be an extremely effective way to reach customers in toady’s market if used properly.